Tree Care Is Our Business

Tree moving Minnesota style and transplanting trees is our business. Working with you to provide proper long-term tree care is the part of our business that keeps you coming back for more. Whether we are planting new trees or moving existing trees we offer some of the following techniques and services to help your newly planted trees and shrubs stay green on into the future.

Preventative maintenance against the following damaging tree fungi and insects:

  • Oak wilt
  • Dutch Elm Disease Preventative (on non infected trees)
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Gypsy Moths

Methods of preventative tree maintenance:

  • Chemical Infusion process
  • Branch Pruning
  • Root pruning
  • Tree fertilization with organic and non-organic fertilizers
  • Mulching of tree base/roots with a variety of colors and types of mulch

Tree moving equipment, one of the largest tree spades available:

  • 90” Truck mounted tree spade
  • 65” Truck mounted tree spade
  • 48” Skid loader mounted tree spade


  • New tree sales
  • Large or small deciduous and evergreen trees
  • Spaded trees
  • Balled and Burlaped Trees
  • Potted Deciduous and Evergreen Trees and Shrubs
  • Mulch in assorted colors and varieties

Trees and Shrubs of many different types and sizes