Residential Tree Care and Big Tree Moving Minnesota

Providing big tree moving, tree products and tree care for your private residential property, for residential developers and for executive home sites throughout the state of Minnesota is our business. The services listed below used in combination with one-another will provide long lasting tree health for your newly transplanted or installed trees and shrubs for many years to come.

Tree Transplanting -

is the relocating of trees of any size either on or off the site by using our various sized tree spades ranging up to 90” in diameter to dig up the tree and then replant it.

New Tree Installation -

by offering many varieties and sizes of trees for purchase and installation you are sure to get exactly the size, shape and type of trees you are looking for.

Tree Pruning -

by trimming select branches from a tree you are able to maximize the tree’s health, enhance the tree’s shape and prevent accidental damage that may occur from falling limbs.

Root Pruning -

utilizing a vibratory plowing method for minimal site damage we are able to stop root grafting and the transfer of Dutch elm disease and oak wilt to healthy trees.

Future Plant and Tree Care -

is accomplished through the use of a watering schedule, fertilization, chemicals (to prevent fungi and insects) and staking/guy wiring.

Lawn Preservation –

during planting or transplanting process extra care is taken to maintain the original grass surface by placing plywood under heavy equipment and making sure lawn is not too soft for the tree moving vehicles.

Customer Care -

we will check back with you each year to find out how your trees are doing and to find out if you are interested in more tree products. However, if you have question in the interim please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Planting new tree in the spring


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