Commercial Big Tree Moving and Care Located in Minnesota

Providing the proper big tree moving throughout Minnesota. Our tree care expertise needed for your commercial site planning on either your large construction site or commercial development projects is our specialty. With proper site planning the trees and shrubs on your commercial property will stand tall for many years into the future. Below are the services provided by Northland Tree Moving for your commercial big tree moving and tree care needs:

Tree Transplanting -

is the relocating of trees of any size either on or off the site by using our various sized tree spades ranging up to 90” in diameter to dig up the tree and then replant it.

New Tree Installation -

by offering many varieties and sizes of new trees for sale or purchase and installation you are sure to get exactly the size, shape and type of trees you are looking for.

Tree Pruning -

by trimming select branches from a tree you are able to maximize the tree’s health, enhance the tree’s shape and prevent accidental damage that may occur from falling limbs.

Root Pruning -

utilizing a vibratory plowing method which safely reduces the size of the root ball and allows excavating closer to the tree itself without damaging the health of the tree.

Future Plant and Tree Care -

is accomplished through the use of a watering schedule, fertilization, chemicals (to prevent fungi and insects) and staking/guy wiring.

Tree Site Design -

creating a tree site map of tree types and locations for any given site affect many aspects of a site such as shade maximization, soil erosion and conservation, wind barricades, and aesthetic placement for landscaping purposes.

Tree Protection Fencing -

is placing orange fencing around the diameter of tree roots on a site to prevent the accidental root compaction from heavy construction equipment during site development.


Digging Tree Hole for big tree moving mn


Lifting Spade Back Up While big tree moving mn