Residential Tree Moving and Sales Service Minnesota & 5 State Area

The best tree service and tree sales Minnesota has to offer. Tree moving, transplanting a tree or many trees and installing trees on private residential properties and for residential developers is what we do best. If you are looking for new trees for sale or a large tree moving company that will be with you for the long haul, Northland Tree Moving is your company. In doing so we not only take great care of the trees we are moving but we take great care in preventing any damage to your residential properties while doing so. When you transplant a large tree or transplant a small tree there are many things to consider in the process of the tree moving as well as after the tree mover has completed the job and years after.

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Monster 90” Tree Spades for Tree Service Minnesota Style

Northland Tree Moving tree service has the most state of the art 90” tree-moving spade in the business. With this spade we are able to tackle the largest of trees and place them right on the spot the first time. Large tree moving is critical and having the right machinery for the job when tree transplanting is the most crucial part of tree moving in the tree care industry. We have a wide range of new trees for sale as well

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Keep Your Trees Alive and Growing with Info from The Tree Care Industry

Its not only important that tree are installed or transplanted properly, it is even more important to give them constant care once they are planted so that they thrive into the future. Large tree moving is a tricky task that needs to be done right the first time or the tree will die. Selecting the right tree mover for the job is critical.

Commercial Tree Service Minnesota

Installing new trees or tree transplanting of existing trees on your commercial property is a large and crucial part of enhancing the property both aesthetically and physically. With transplanting trees that are large it is critical to select the right partner in taking on this task during the development of your commercial property. Northland Tree Moving tree services moves trees and sells new trees across the entire state of Minnesota from Jordan, Prior Lake, Lakeville and South Metro to north of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and will also cover the surrounding 5 state area of Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Northland Tree Moving also will also work with your insurance company to replace any trees killed by the use of Dupont Imprelis weed killer that was pulled off the market 2 years ago, due to it not only killing weeds but killing trees literally within hours of it's application, by lawn treatment companies. 

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Protective Tree Fencing and Services

Many commercial builders in a rush to get the job done do not take the proper precautions to prevent damage to the root systems of either newly installed or existing trees on the property. Northland Tree Moving will make sure your trees are not damaged during the development process because we are part of the tree care industry as well as the tree moving industry. We pride ourselves in being one of the finest tree moving services in Minnesota.

Tree Site Planning and Large Tree Transplanting Is Our Specialty

Working with you and your commercial builder, Northland Tree Moving will create a tree site plan that not only adds to the beauty of the buildings and surrounding terrain, but one that is best suited for the health of the trees long term as they grow. Tree moving is what we specialize in. Being one of the most experienced in the tree care industry we are located in the south metro area and also cover the Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities Metro area along with the entire state of Minnesota

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Discounts on Large Tree Moving for Residential Developers

The bigger the large tree transplanting job we take on the more you save. We are competitively priced in all of our tree moving services and trees sales and are willing to negotiate the best rate for you. To receive an estimate from our tree service on any tree service project you may have

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We Sell New Trees for Your Home

In addition to moving trees, Northland Tree Moving also sells trees. Planting new trees in and around your yard not only add to the beauty and color to your landscaping, they provide habitats for many different type of wildlife. Planting new trees can help lower your heating and cooling costs, help create more fresh air to breath, and provide wind blocks, while adding value to your home.

  • New trees can increase the value of your home 15% or more
  • New trees planted and existing trees remove CO2 from the air and help fight global warming
  • New trees produce clean oxygen for us to breath
  • New trees and mature trees provide homes for many species of birds and animals
  • Decrease your energy bills by 3% in 5 years if you plant new trees on the west side of your home

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Types of Trees We Sell / Move

Red Maple
Autumn Blaze Maple
Colorado Blue Spruce
Black Hills Spruce
Royal Magnolia

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Protect Your Trees from the Emerald Ash Borer and other Tree Fungi and Insect Infestation

The emerald ash borer has been found in Minnesota. Northland Tree Moving has the knowledge and services available to help rid your trees of these pests or protect untouched Ash trees from getting them. Don't let the emerald ash borer destroy your landscaping contact us now. Protecting your newly planted trees is just as important if not more important than getting them moved. Northland Tree Moving utilizes many preventative methods approved by the tree care industry to keep your trees alive and growing.

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We Service the Following Cities in Minnesota and 5 State Area and more...

Eden Prairie
Lake Elmo
Prior Lake
St. Paul